David L. “Bullit” Curtis-Robinson Chapter- Squadron at Northern Arizona University Flagstaff, Arizona

Pictured from left to right: Jeremy Cadavona, Kelly Noriega, Kyle Dennis, Victoria Brandhuber, Chris Gama, Tempest Mellendorf, Rodney Ham, Caitlin Haas, Hanna Lane, Stefany Cervantes, Jacob Park
Not pictured: Amelia Chromy


Co-Commanders: Amelia Chromy (SW) and Victoria Brandhuber (AAS)

Vice Commander: Jeremy Cadavona (AAS)

NATCOPs: Jacob Park (AAS) and Christopher Gama (SW)

Director of Operations: Stefany Cervantes (AAS)

Information Management Officer: Hanna Lane (AAS)

Financial Management Officer: Kyle Dennis (SW)

Assistant Financial Management Officer: Rodney Ham (SW)

Public Affairs Officer: Tempest Mellendorf (SW)

Director of Support: Kelly Noriega (SW)

Assistant Director of Support: Caitlin Haas (SW)

Director of Transportation: Christopher Gama (SW)