NATCON is a multi-day conference where members of both Arnold Air Society (AAS) and Silver Wings (SW) meet to discuss all AAS/SW legislation as well as vote on National HQ, NATCON HQ, and the Joint National Project (JNP). Outside of business meetings, NATCON offers the opportunity to an amazing stay at the Westgate Hotel, time to socialize, and intriguing guest speakers. NATCON is an amazing experience for all attendees and allows networking and professional development!

Private: Innovation and Collaboration

NATCON is a perfect time for Arnold Air Society (AAS) and Silver Wing (SW) members all across the United States to come together to innovate and collaborate on the future of the organizations. We are also excited to host an amazing array of guest speakers who are equipped with the tools to motivate and inspire future leaders.


This year we celebrate 76 years, we hope to host over one thousand AAS, Silver Wings, and alumni attendees in VEGASCON. VEGASCON is a chance to showcase and acknowledge the hard work of squadron and chapters around the country.

See you at VEGASCON 2023!